News November 01, 2002

Version 1.1.10 - 1.1.16 Released just today. The new version include many bug fixes and web interface enhancements.

Among the enhancements are the elimination of databases inside of NStats. The good new with this is a much smaller (10MB's smaller) release file. The other benefits of eliminating databases are speed. NStats calculates the graphs much faster now that in no long relies on databases.

A new graph was introduced in Version 1.1.10 to replace the old HTML based last 60 minutes graph.

Additionally another graph was introduced in Version 1.1.15 which is the Past 24 Hours graph. So you now can view network traffic history over the past Hour and the past day. Eventually I will add past week and past month graphs and move them all to their own "page".

Bugfixes came in version 1.1.12 - 1.1.16. The ARP table collections now work finally. The code has been there the entire time. A typo of all things in the arp management routine was causing the program to bail out and never collect the arps. That's been fixed. Also the maintenance routines that take care of expunging dead hosts from the internal table had a bug that caused an error when it went to prune the tables. This also has been fixed.


The next couple days I will start writing the routines to break down the broadcast traffic so Nstats can analyse things that appear in the network broadcasts. Also I will start work on breaking down SMB (windows networking) stuff so you will be able to see better what goes on there as well.

I will be leaving town from Monday Nov 4th and won't be back until Wednesday late on the 6th so I obviously won't be working on the program for that period.

News October 29th, 2002

The work on NStats v1.1.x is under way at last althogh I have some things I still need to iron out at least the way NStats now looks at packets is radically different from the way it used to. Also are some new option in the configuration of NStats.

Also you will now have the ability to enable and disable promiscuous mode as well as start and stop the webserver at run time.

News October 22th, 2002

NStats v1.0.51 has been released. Faster capture times in this release and a few bug fixes as well.

Introduced the Stand-Alone EXE install download. Provided you have previously downloaded a full install you may be able to just download this .EXE to replace your nstats.exe file in the install directory.

Check the Release notes and Change log before downloading as significant updates are occasionally released requiring a full package install again.