NStats is a graphical statistics logging daemon for Windows® Operating System
by Microsoft. Currently NStats is in early Alpha development stages and is
based on the fine OpenSource project NTop by Luca Dari.

NStats uses the WinPCap Library for Windows® to view the packet stream on
"the wire". The WinPCap library is also OpenSource and a link is provided on
the left. In order to run NStats the WinPCap library version 2.2 or 2.3 must
be downloaded and installed.

The goal of NStats is to collect as many useful network metrics as possible
on the network segment in which the machine running NStats is located.
The collected data is then broken down into a usable form and presented via
it's built in web interface. Since NStats provides it's own http webserver no
additional web server software is required.

Currently NStats looks at a number of protocols in addition to the transport
protocols. Statistics on a number of TCP and UDP services (Daemons) can
be collected such as IRC, POP3, etc. This will be expanded upon in each
successive release of NStats. In this regard user feedback is very important
in shaping what NStats will track in the future.

So I ask you to bear with us as NStats evolves over time. In a large part NStats
is a learning experience for me. Sifting through whitepapers and RFC's amongst
other things is a slow process. Although I have worked in the network
commications field for nearly 10 years I am personally learning more about how
and why things work. So a lot of things I used to take for granted are making a lot
more sense to me now. I owe that to this work called NStats.

I would like to think each of you that has downloaded the program and I hope you
find it useful in some way.

J. Peterson